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Install Clines (Firefox or Seamonkey extension) (Fx >= 1.5 | Sea >=1.0)
Playing instructions
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last update : November 28th 2008
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Clines is a clone of Color Lines. The goal is to move balls from one square to another one in order to build lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). It has been written using SVG and XUL . Actually, that means that you can play it with Firefox or Seamonkey browser.

To play, once the extension is installed, go to the menu Tools, and choose : Clines.

beginning of the game
Clines window

You can play Clines online. You can also install Clines. It's the same game, but if you install Clines :

To play Clines, you need Firefox or Seamonkey browser. You must enable javascript, and it's better, but not compulsory to allow javascript resizing window function. These are the default settings. So, if you don't understand what that means, you probably never have disabled javascript so you won't have any problem.


version 1.0

Avril 22th 2005

version 1.1

September 6th 2005 :

version 1.1.2

October 29th 2006 :

version 1.1.3

November 2nd 2006 :

version 1.1.5

November 15th 2006 :

version 1.2.0

February 24th 2007 :

version 1.2.1

May 24th 2007 :

version 1.2.2

June 3rd 2007 :

version 1.2.3

August 31st 2007 :

version 1.2.4

October 28th 2007 :

version 1.2.6

November 28th 2008 :

Technical description

Several technologies for Clines

Clines's first version was entirely written with XUL, javascript and CSS. These are the three programming languages usually needed for Firefox extensions programming. XUL is used to define the application interface (like menus or buttons), CSS allows to define the formatting of the different elements, and Javascript is a scripting language that allows interactions between user and game (via mouse or keyboard), and to animate the different elements. The last major version of Firefox (2.0) implements SVG natively (without external plugin). It is a XML based language specialized in vector graphics. The new version of Clines is based on that technology because it is perfectly suitable for that kind of use. If you want more informations about those technologies, you can visit xulplanet and devmo.


Clines is also runs on xulrunner. You can download clines xulrunner package.

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