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Welcome to the revival of a good old game !


What does it look like ?

jXBattle is a multi player game that can be played on a local network or online. It is mainly a strategy and highly dynamic game, with simple graphics.

jXBattle is a rewrite of XBattle, originally for Unix (and X-Windows, hence the name) by Steve Lehar and Greg Lesher (released in 1991, old story...).

The source code is in Java/Swing, developed under Eclipse and Linux.

Here is a 2 players game session :


To run the game, you must have previously installed Java.

Linux download
Windows download
Jar download
Sources download

On the web


XBattle on everything2.com (english)
Extension of the game with computer players (english)
XBattle manual (english)
Students of Gdansk university have also rewritten the game (this time in polish, with a few english)
WinBattle, a Windows only version. The project seems to be dead, the first and last version were in 2003 (english)

A similar game, Europa, seems to have sunk into oblivion... Sorry, no ref.


Any question, remark, ... please contact me : contact mail


jXBattle is under GPLv3 license.

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