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  • Long-Term File Activity Patterns in a UNIX Workstation Environment [gibson98:file-activity]
    Timothy J. Gibson, Ethan L. Miller (University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA), Proceedings of the Fifteenth IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, March 1998

    An interesting conclusion, similar to that found in the Elephant file system santry99:deciding et al.: "the long-term creation rate on workstation file systems is sufficiently low so that all data more than a day old could be cheaply saved on a mass storage device, allowing the integration of time travel into every file system.".

  • A Large-Scale Study of File-System Contents [douceur99:study]
    John R. Douceur, William J. Bolosky (Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, USA), Proceedings of the 1999 ACM SIGMETRICS international conference on Measurement and modeling of computer systems, 1999

    A study of a set of Windows file system contents. Interesting results: "The mean file size is four times that reported for Unix" and "The mean number of files per user is 31,835, which is 20 to 26 times that found on Unix systems in 1991 [2] and 1994 [30], largely because each user's machine has a separate installation of the operating system and application programs.". Ok, let's find another study...

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